A life – year – a mental experiment

one life year experiment

I am the most ordinary person on the planet. Sometimes ordinary people have liberating ideas that usually do not put them into action, but keep them in their tidy minds to have a joyful company.
From a little girl, I had a huge interest in space, planets, stories about aliens, lost civilizations and astronomy for the masses.


a galaxy of stars


When I first found out what a light year is, I was so amazed and thrilled about it, that I asked for days everyone I met: “Do you know what a light year is ?” To be followed from the reply without waiting for an answer:

“A light-year is how astronomers measure distance in space. It’s defined by how far a beam of light travels in one year !”

Can you imagine? How big is this number? I still cannot manage the idea of such distance… and I still find space very inspirational.

So I enjoy painting galaxy themes. I love to see how colors are blending and this can be very liberating as a procedure! Because there is so much joy when you blend liquid colors and there is no right or wrong way to do it… You just let the water do the job and you add color by choice.

galaxy painting in watercolour and ink, game of paint blog
A Galaxy dreaming of life


The abbreviation for a light year is “ly”.

I made a verbal error to say “life year” and in my mind, a new liberating idea appeared!

What if I would be living my coming year, as if it was my only one year left to live?

Do not rush to say that this is a frightening thought, because yes it is IF IT WAS TRUE, but at the end of the year (probably) I will have the bonus of the rest of my lifetime…

And do not characterize this as an offense for those that are facing a serious disease and might have come to deal with this challenge for real.

I would do everything if I could to change that for someone! But I think those people would appreciate the most the importance of such a preview!

The whole idea is to focus on the way I live my life. Only to give value to life I measure its loss within a year’s time.

Galaxy painting watercolour
In this Galaxy of opportunities we only have one life !


Imagine for a moment, how your next day would be… Would you go to that job you retain? Would you spend your time with those boring friends just for being polite? Be offended so easily?Look at the sky more often? Shop more clothes? Eat sweets and pasta every day? Smile to a stranger? Hold an umbrella in the rain?

For me, this is a liberating thought to make and think about how this year would evolve. Because “in the real life” I am so ordinary person, that freaks out with any change in habits and tending to postpone things for a more “convenient” time.I am so afraid of failure that I cannot take life-changing decisions even if the current situations I live, leads me directly to madness…

A LIFE -YEAR experiment more than anything else would address exactly this: that we only have ONE-LIFE!


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2 thoughts on “A life – year – a mental experiment

  1. It is easy for someone to give advice to another for his life’s decisions but it is very difficult to take decisions for himself! That is why I will not provide you with some tip but I will tell you that each one feels, knows and has in his heart the solution he is looking for!
    I wish you to make it and to live the life-year of your dreams!

    1. Thank you Nikolaos.
      My point is to focus in the decisions we take about our lives and stop postponing things that would make us happy!

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