About me, self taught painter with the blog game of paint.com


I am a self-taught painter.

All my life I though that it was a con. Now I take it as a pro.

Since I became a mom, I felt my creativity and my pursuit of a meaningful life to develop much stronger.

Every one of my painting has a story to tell.

At this blog, I am trying to reveal with words what I think and feel while painting.

Sometimes it is just the plans of painting something that has inspired me …

and others it is  the making of a painting that reveals thoughts and ideas I have never expected!

This blog exists because I dreamt of it.

Take it as an inspiration and bring to life your most precious dream!

After all, this blog is about my personal effort to stay true to me and live a life full of creativity and meaning –

while having a day job that is technocratic to the bone…

If you wish to connect with me, share the art-making procedure and fight together our demons,

I would LOOOOOO…VE  to see you subscribing to my mail list ! (Go to the form below).

After that, we will definitely be in touch!