About Angie


I am a self-taught painter.
Since I became a mom, I felt my creativity and my pursuit of a meaningful life to develop much stronger.

Every painting has a story to tell.

At my blog, I am trying to reveal with words the visions and insights I have while painting.
Sometimes it is just the plans of painting something that has inspired me … and other times the making of a painting reveals thoughts and ideas I have never expected!

If my paintings and stories make just one of you rethink of a dream and decides to follow it, then my blog worths its existence!

After all, this blog is about my personal effort to stay true to me and live a life full of creativity and dreams, while having a day job that is technocratic till the bone…

If you wish to connect with me, share the art-making procedure and fight together our demons, feel free to subscribe to my mail list and we will definitely be in touch!