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I met Maria Karakostanoglou about a year ago in 2017. Before that, I have never heard of what she was doing as a profession in my life, but some words on her “about note” really got my attention: “Kinesiology since I discovered it, has totally changed my life“!

I am so attracted to things that are heard of changing human lives.

So my first interest became the first meeting and then a second one and about a year or so every 15 days we were meeting each other.

I cannot exactly describe what Kinesiology is because I only know a small part of this methodology. But I can claim for sure that YES, it has changed my life too!
It made me go forward in my thinking.
Made me understand better myself, the effect of people that surround me and also to think in a way that would actually make me more capable to go after my dreams.

Kinesiology made me see the hope and meaning in things that were “registered” as disasters and dead-ends in my life.

Made me change my thinking mode and implement actions in order to appreciate good but to seek for better (if I prefer).

And I stop here because this is my personal perception of this thing called Kinesiology and my intention is not to preach about it.

Maria is running a crow funding campaign in order to raise money to succeed in her aim which is THIS:

” My aim is to help up to 15.000 primary school children in Peru and Chile from April to August 2018 to learn tools to   a) deal with stress b) improve their concentration and c) overcome reading and writing difficulties.”-  Maria Karakostanoglou


my art for a good purpose
Donate and own an original abstract painting



I have to admit that I have no formal education in Art. Plus I have to confess that I was not so fond of the abstract paintings for many years.
I had always tried to “understand” WHAT it shows or WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT and usually, the message was not so clear for me.
Most times when I was facing an abstract painting I was feeling kind of “competitive”! My first reaction was to put a challenge on myself if this artwork is an easy one to paint or not.

Only recently I started admiring other artists for making such works, even the simplest ones.  I even bought an abstract painting for my living room.-(actually a print).

But still, the abstract artwork making was not for me.

For a reason, I was both afraid and challenged in making an abstract painting.

I had the stereotype in my mind that artists that make abstracts are “real” artists!

Lived like artists were supposed to, had a lifestyle that includes long working days and nights painting under full inspirational fever in their studio, away from friends and obligations and so on …
I was not that kind of Artist!
To speak the truth I was not even calling myself an Artist then.
I was feeling that in order to paint abstracts you have to feel (more than) FREE. And I was feeling so much trapped in a day job of 9-5 with family obligations and little spare time to devote in painting,  that daring to paint so freely sounded like a joke.
I was feeling my Art had to be neat, specific, detailed, precise and as perfect as it can be!
All these unconsciously of course.

Recently I broke all these stereotypes. Abstract Art when comes on my way I do not ask “what does it mean”- although I enjoy reading the stories that inspired the making-
I tend to ask myself

“How do I feel”?

And bonus: I tried to make some Abstracts myself.

my art for a good purpose

The fact that I am still trapped in noncreative procedures most of my days, actually works like fuel for my creativity!

Someone can see it and say it’s not painting but I just wiped my brushes on paper…Or look at it and call it a masterpiece of color!

We all have been given the freedom of choice!


Contributing to Maria’s project of teaching brain Gym to primary school children of Peru and Chile!
Those of you that would find appealing this painting style and would like to stand for a good purpose, you can have a painting delivered at your door as long you DONATE to this crowd funding project the minimum amount of 100€ .

Information about the project and Maria, you can find here

And you  can make your donation here

All the Artwork Catalogue for instant access, can be found here

Be the person that supports those movements and enjoy colour!







abstract painting
Own a piece of Art and  take care of your walls complaints..for feeling emptiness!




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