Tote bags

  Going hand in hand …with my Art !


car fiat , illustration
tote bag – vintage FIAT 127 coming straight from the 80s find on SOCIETY6 for 23 to 29 USD




blue fiat , tote bag
The Tote bag  you re gonna love. An original design of a vintage fiat, coming out of my memories as a kid.  Can be found here on SOCIETY6




Tote bag, Frida kale, blog post related
Tote Bag inspired by my blog post Find your Frida . Can be found on SOCIETY6




play , tote bag, typography
“Don ‘t play with me ” Tote bag.My design found on SOCIETY6




Blue tote bag, from original artwork.
Reflections of blue. When I was trying to paint water I came with some abstracts that inspired me for this Tote bag. Can be found on SOCIETY6