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“And if you can’t shape your life the way you want,
at least try as much as you can
not to degrade it
by too much contact with the world,
by too much activity and talk.Try not to degrade it by dragging it along,
taking it around and exposing it so often
to the daily silliness
of social events and parties,
until it comes to seem a boring hanger-on”.
C.P.CAVAFY  -Translated by Edmund Keeley/Philip Sherrard

There are some poets that are so precious to me!

Cavafis is the most!

Coming across to a poem, that afterward makes you shape a decision about your life, is just unbeatable.

Meaning exactly this: I decided about things or changed my plans only because of a poem. Read it, affected me and then I made a decision that probably I would not have made differently. 

This one, at the beginning of this post,  is one of my honored ones!


painting mess like life's mess
painting mess like life’s mess

My everyday life has so much noise and association with people of all ages and levels that sometimes my genius feels so crowded with information, people, demands and unreasonable deadlines that repeating this poem in mind gives me a little hope and strength.

Moments like this, I am fantasizing myself on the top of a distant mountain with no human existence within a mile.

I daydream about a night sky and a yellow moon and the absolute silence.

There is a solid tree and this is my only company. I tried to represent this place and invite anyone that feels the same to join privately this spot!

alone on a mountain with silence

I am so anti-social sometimes that I feel I should be a monk in the medieval ages.

Alone, in a cell, writing and painting gospels in absolute silence..(I have to paint this one day)

It is totally the opposite of the madness  I experience every day!

and I keep remind my self :

And if you can’t shape your life the way you want,
at least try as much as you can
not to degrade it..

And I always find some time for silence and myself!


as much as you can painting a poem of Cavafis
painting for a poem of Cavafis


What about you? Do you pay attention to the noise of the crowd?

Can you stay unaffected? What is your “mantra” for survival?

To give the right credit to the poem I ought to put the original poem in greek language right here  for those who can understand it:

May this poem be the one you will never forget:

“Κι αν δεν μπορείς να κάμεις την ζωή σου όπως την θέλεις,
τούτο προσπάθησε τουλάχιστον
όσο μπορείς: μην την εξευτελίζεις
μες στην πολλή συνάφεια του κόσμου,
μες στες πολλές κινήσεις κι ομιλίες.

Μην την εξευτελίζεις πηαίνοντάς την,
γυρίζοντας συχνά κ’ εκθέτοντάς την
στων σχέσεων και των συναναστροφών
την καθημερινήν ανοησία,
ώς που να γίνει σα μια ξένη φορτική. ”


Aπο τα ποιήματα 1897-1933






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