If loss had a colour

abstract painting, loss, change and acceptance

        If Loss had a color it would be beige in the hue of the skin of the Indo-European breed that I am familiar with. It is the hands spreading to reach the other person ‘s hands and reaching nothing but your own skin. It is an empty hug, an old memorized note, and an aged photograph.…

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Diamonds are forever BUT I am not…

geology and painting and diamonds

“The minerals diamond and graphite have the same chemical composition. They are both crystallized forms of Carbon. But they have totally different physical capacities:Diamond is the hardest mineral, transparent, with an extremely strong glow. On the other hand, graphite is one of the softest minerals, it is black, dies easily (common pencils) and has the minimum of glow.These extreme contrasts…

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Love , Freedom and Palm trees!


It ‘s been about a year or so that I want to paint the palm trees as seen from underneath. Specifically in the mid of the day, when the sunlight is on the fullest shining curve and when you stare the sun between the palm leaves … you see so bright sky and the palm trees seem black because of…

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