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When it comes to “Frida,” I do not know about you, but my mind goes straight to Frida Kahlo.
By her bio, you find as followed: Mexican, painter, wife of the also famous painter Diego Rivera.

She had a terrible accident when she was under 18 when the public bus she was in hit with a train. This accident marked her life with suffering and pain to all her body.

She made most of her paintings in this situation: lying down on a bed, probably for several weeks, and painting mostly herself and her aching body.

She had more than thirty surgeries and thought only of the methods they used in operation in the early ’30s.
Ιn her paintings I can feel her physical pain. There are blood, broken columns in place of her spine, pieces of human anatomy and strange symmetries, dead animals and so on.


two Fridas portrait
two Fridas portrait (1939) -Modern art museum-Mexico


I admit that I am not so fond of her painting because of that reason:  You can feel her physical pain.

I exclude some of her self-portraits when facing the eyes of that woman make me feel her soul and her awareness.


Self portrait Frida
Self portrait Frida –

I have read her biography by Rauda Jamis, many years ago and I felt so connected to her, mainly because of her love for painting. Remembering some and forgetting other details of her biography but always in my mind, Frida represented a dynamic and strong female figure that was pretty unconventional especially for that period! (dressing in men’s clothes and smoking cigars among other things).

Frida Kahlo inspiration


Frida Kahlo ‘s fatal life has made her a myth and as given in Wikipedia for her biography I find :
“Kahlo has attracted popular interest to the extent that the term “Fridamania” has been coined to describe the phenomenon. She is considered “one of the most instantly recognizable artists”, whose face has been “used with the same regularity, and often with a shared symbolism, as images of Che Guevara or Bob Marley. Her life and art have inspired a variety of merchandise, and her distinctive look has been appropriated by the fashion world.”

Of course !!

Her face is so recognizable.

If you notice the thick eyebrows and a crown of flowers on the head, there is the possibility of 99 percent that represents Frida Kahlo.
She is a continuous inspiration for stylists, painters, graphic designers, crafters, and all kinds of creators.

She is still a painter’s muse.

That is what  research in Pinterest brings about her:

Frida Kahlo in pinterest


when Frida inspires creators


and here is what has her face inspired others to make out of flowers petals…


frida from petals and flowers
credits to @sistergoldenshop from Instagram


I am reading her biography again. I admire her passion for painting and her ideas and I get connected with her.

She was an inspiration to me but something was holding me back from painting my Frida.

I was thinking that nothing else was left to be told or done about her image.

This happens to be a big issue for an artist.

You want to make something different, something new or new seen. You want to add something to what is already known.

And that was holding me back until the time I realised that no one else would ever paint Frida like the way I would.

Because otherwise would not be my Frida.

Frida Kahlo watercolour painting
I paint Frida and I picture her majestic outfit and her pluralistic long skirts that kept private her skinny and painful leg.


And I painted and scanned and added some elements, changed colours and made a bunch of Fridas.


Find your Frida illustration
Find your Frida illustration.


And the more I  was changing the theme, the more I was feeling that: It is so important to get started!

To let go all the self-limitations we keep for ourselves.

You never know where it will lead you and  to tell the truth you do not have to care.

You have to start making it.

Go with the feeling,

let it evolve,

let it surprise you.

You do not need to know everything from scratch!

It is so important creating something and go beyond the stage of “I HAVE AN IDEA”

                                 Allow ideas to grow.  


                  ♣  FIND YOUR FRIDA ♣


And the idea was growing itself and I made a collection out of this first paint of Frida Kahlo:


a journey into discovering new ways of expression


Hope you enjoyed my creative journey!

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