If loss had a colour

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If Loss had a color it would be beige in the hue of the skin of the Indo-European breed that I am familiar with.

It is the hands spreading to reach the other person ‘s hands and reaching nothing but your own skin.

It is an empty hug, an old memorized note, and an aged photograph.

New creation usually has a loss of something in the background.

Even the empty canvas has to sacrifice its white virginity in order to represent something else.

painting skin tones , abstract
abstract painting project from the Skillshare class of Karina Elbatova



I will not speak about the great loss which is of course Death.

It is widely known that one day the end will come eventually.

Neither will I speak about a loss of something tangible like a job or a

fortune or another money oriented thing!

Double no!

abstract painting


I will unwrap my thinking about the loss of intangible things.


Like the loss of a feeling, the loss of a friendship, the loss of believing in an idea

that used to be strong and solid in your mind.

Life was made as an evolving stage of situations!

The precious hand of the lover you once was looking forward reaching now is a sense, abstract and distant!

The heart beating is gone, you have lost the feeling and the person you used to see like an Angel from above now is just an ordinary person.

The friend I could call on the phone every day and discuss every meaningless detail of our ordinary life,

now we not even talk to each other in the greater events, such as a birth of a child!

We totally lost contact!

Our spaceships now fly in different orbits!

Beliefs I used to keep and had them as solid rocks in my mindset, proved wrong or limited and I cannot put them to use anymore.

calm abstract painting
-If loss had a colour it would be the skin tones –


All those “forever” and “never” statements I gave to myself, a jewelry of corals on my youth’s beautiful neck!

Most of them are dust on the sea bottom of my “grown-up” life.

So many transformations in our lives and still we are so unfriendly in change!

I try so much to be more welcoming to any change I witness in my life.

And every time my mind takes the same path :

Why did this happen?

Is it reversible?

Why now?

I need extra thinking efforts in order to convince myself that I just have to go with the flow.

Especially for those changes that I have not been questioned or taken into consideration.

Given that situation, I should relax even more and let changes mature and evolve.

Then I assume, I should  see what I can learn, experience and gain by allowing things to happen.

After all, it  is so much easier when you do not have to make decisions for everything.

When things are out of your control then Universe is taking control and “sometimes” knows best.

I keep reminding myself that every change is for good.

Having this in mind made me  paint this abstract colour combination that was inspired by the skin tones.

I was extra calm when I was painting this one, as I used  a Japanese technique of Karina Elbatova ‘s Skillshare class that you can find here and relax in painting.

My pallette  was orange and ochra in all hues, but also purle because usually the loss is painful at the begging and so is the skin when hurts.

What would be your colour for a loss let’s say of a friendship?







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