All who postpone happiness, raise your hands.

galaxy make choices matter

If I draw one straight line and put your birth in one end and the day you ‘re gonna leave this earth on the other end,

are you willing to spot where you feel you are right now?

Don’t rush to make a logical assumption, to take your age and the statistics about life expectancy in order to make your mark.

For this question you  can skip maths.

I asked where do you “feel” you are!

And as this question was thrown to a bunch of friends I began to notice totally different reactions!

Many  tend to put their mark close to the start of the line – no matter their age.

A lovely certainty that all the life is ahead of them even if they are close to live half of a century!

Many others do not want to play at all, for obvious reasons.

This line, for me, illustrates one question:

How much time do I have left?


thinking about how time passes and realise more of your wishes
photo credits to Annie Spratt


My 40 yrs had been a turning point.

This question has visited to stay and this is not out of negativity or pessimism.

It is valuable and woke me up from years of procrastination.

I made a list of all the things I want/wanted, to experience and I kept postponing till yesterday.

To my surprise, almost all of them do not need a great amount of cash or conditions that I don’t already possess in my life…

I underline this because we tend to think that money is a physical barrier for someone to live “all the things that I wanted to experience but”…

The only barrier is physical and it is the end of time.

Till that day all other barriers are invisible and there are in our mindsets.

Why I plan for the dentist or the hairdresser and I don’t plan when I will go for painting in the woods?

Why I don’t just make time for that?

Why I tend to postpone happiness of the small things?

I could find 100 silly reasons for not doing them and this was happening for many years.

So a year or more ago, I made this damn list (because I am a “list person”and I wanted to draw lines over my goals)

Well… you are gonna think its silly  but this is the part of my list that I can share.

And goes something like that:

1. Paint in a public area -alone- no friends around for support.

I was always a very shy person. I wanted so much to take my art supplies and paint at a traditional street of Plaka for instance.

I was so afraid to do that, and I had this paranoid idea that people would even call the police to arrest me …

When I organised the- I-go-for- outdoor-painting day, I was so happy after and all I wanted was to go for more of my list..


painting outdoors a small moment of joy that I realised first
Painting outdoors… can be accused for large amounts of happiness


2. Have a picnic in nature.

I knew it would give me much joy but I was never willing enough to put it as a top priority.

And things do not happen when you only expect them to happen…

This year my birthday was on Sunday and the weather was ok.

I prepared  the fried meatballs (my fantasy picnic always has fried meatballs)

I took the tablecloth (special for picnics with plastic cover underneath – bought several years ago – never used for a picnic) and I was taking no excuse for another delay.

The picnic was marvellous and I enjoyed it more than my three yr old kid!

picnic moments can realise the sense of cosy moments in nature
photo credits to Tim Collins


3. Read all the books I want to read- before I die.

This will not be a thing for a person that does not love books but you, that  you have a thing with books you will understand me.

Around my bed and desk, I have small towers of books, half-finished that I wanna read but I never find the time or the energy…

So one day, I picked the first one and planned a small routine: just one line before I go to bed.

The line was actually a page and sometimes even more, and yes it is great: I could fit it in my already tight programme and benefit of reading.

I made it! I have found time to read books again!!

Won ‘t give you the full list. It may include more personal things like telling someone that you love, change bad habits or learn to play beach volley.

The truth is that after I STARTED I could not stop planning the next big – small- thing.

Fullfiling your desires makes you the master of your life.


one line one life make your choices and realise your dreams
photo credits to Hans Reniers


Every time I see those big YOU ARE HERE marks on a city map,I keep thinking this lifetime line.

Where exactly am I now?

Ok. what do I want to achieve next?

How do I start and  what is the first step towards this direction?

I have noticed to my surprise that I think of this line with less anxiety than before.

The feeling of life being short and unfulfilled derives from those things we wanted to do but actually never managed to realise.

The trick is simple. Start from the small. The minimum. Make the decision today.

if your desire is to make an art exhibition at MOMA you will have to start and make a line on paper  – and then keep drawing –


galaxy make choices matter realise your desires
A galaxy of endless possibilities – make your choices matter


I have drawn a galaxy.

It is the one with the endless possibilities that exist ahead of us. And I drew a line over it.

This is our world.

And here is all we have and all we need.




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10 thoughts on “All who postpone happiness, raise your hands.

  1. Υπέροχο κείμενο!
    Μοιραζόμαστε την αγάπη για τα πικ νικ! Αν ήμουν καλλιτέχνης, σίγουρα θα καλλιτεχνούσα outdoor,σε κάποιο πάρκο, κάπου με λουλούδια, πρασινάδα, πουλάκια να τιτιβίζουν, χρώματα και αρώματα!

    1. Σε ευχαριστώ. Ξέρεις εισαι καλλιτέχνης ήδη… δοκιμασέ το χωρις λογική και κριτική σκέψη…μονο για την χαρά της γραμμής πάνω στο χαρτί!

  2. Ι truly loved your post Angie an I ADORED the painting of the Galaxy with the life line! Thank you

    1. Thank you so much!
      To tell you the truth this painting become relevant and interesting as days were passing…
      At the beginning I was just stretching with colours mixing together…Then I had the idea of this post and they became a good pair together!

  3. You are an inspiration-arriving in my inbox witb the perfect blend of colours and words at the perfecting timing
    Thank u

    1. Thank you so much! You comment is so appreciated!
      Every time I write a post it feels like I am sending a message in the outer space… When I receive a response is huge for me !

  4. Very nice article that inspires to anyone, to follow and makes his dreams reality. You are thinking exactly as a Coach that he would drive his coachee to realize his desires! I agree with you, no postponing yes to do it anything we want to do!

  5. Ώρα για αναθεώρηση προτεραιοτήτων, για μια υπέροχη ποιότητα ζωής. Ποτέ δεν είναι αργά, ανεξάρτητα από το σημείο που βρίσκονται πάνω στη γραμμή της ζωής. Είσαι έμπνευση, πολλά μπράβο και για το κείμενό σου αλλά και για τον πίνακα !

    1. Σε ευχαριστώ Αγγελική.Είχα φτιάξει τον πίνακα λίγο καιρό πριν γραψω το άρθρο. Μετά ένιωσα οτι ταιριάζαν μαζί !!

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