Love , Freedom and Palm trees!


It ‘s been about a year or so that I want to paint the palm trees as seen from underneath.

Specifically in the mid of the day, when the sunlight is on the fullest shining curve and when you stare the sun between the palm leaves … you see so bright sky and the palm trees seem black because of the shadow.

I don t know what this detail does to my brain but I wish to paint this almost black leaves when the sunlight frames them and totally absolves other colours. Especially the silver details on the edges of some leaves when the sunlight is reflected. So the time has occurred for this painting to reveal itself.

At the beginning, as it happens, I do not know WHAT or HOW I m going to do it

… unless I stand in front of the canvas with my old comfortable clothes and the dirty painter’s hands.

Then is clean intuition and instinct of how to use the paint and what side of the painting to start working with, the particular moment.

AFTERWARDS, yes, I can tell you a lot about how I did it and why it feels right but at the start, I really do not know where inspiration will take me.

Probably that is an idiom for being self-taught in painting.

I cannot follow rules because I simply do not know them. I just know what I feel at the moment. Every time a new “painting to be ” keeps busy my mind, I never know exactly how this will evolve.

Back to the palm trees: Firstly I knew I had to paint the sky.This blue sky is not just white and blue paint. According to my perception, It has to be much more!

It is a sky of melting ice cream.

Lots of vanilla ice cream, some lemon in the middle, strawberry on the right and pistachio on the left… (I wish the photo will represent the right impression like seen LIVE in my workshop).

a sky of melting ice cream is the preparation for painting the palm trees

And then are the palm trees! Shinning in the Sun of the Mediterranean, in the middle of the day. The edges of the leaves have some white or silver reflections that create contrast with the main leaf ..that seems so dark green, close to black, due to the direct sunlight that frames it.

So when I painted the first strokes (credit card strokes, it is my preferred technique to spread colourfast ) in order to mark out where I would put the trees, I used a vivid – like the parrot wings – green paint which I put it over the sky of melting ice cream.

vivid green draw of the starting palm tree

But the very next moment my reaction was to put white over this green and to create an effect of opacity over this vivid green.

white over green paint of a draw for a palm tree

Like the things we want them to exist but not to be so restrictive to as.

Like love. I want to have love in my life but I want freedom as an equal amount!

I want to have a deep love underneath all actions and words said to me but I do not want pressure and boundaries that will be called “love”.

It is said that in the name of love have been executed the biggest crimes!

Love of the parents but to hold under pressure and control of the child and not to leave space for personal decisions.

The Love of lovers that never – ever have made a simple favour to the beloved person.

Also the Love for God that tells to kill other people – that believe in love too- but call their God with a different name.

So love to exist, but freedom on the top of it.

And I painted something like this… .. while making those thoughts:

palm tree painting

Love + freedom = the best combination.

I have never expressed it so clearly before I could come to this palm weaving leaves.

When the “parrot green” hides under the white strokes, it seems to create an effect like the movement. A leaf on a sky of melting ice cream cannot standing steal.

It should move like dancing, ready to play hide and seek with the sun!!

In order to catch the move, I feel that I need to make the shape of every leaf not so clear. I definitely have to paint the movement.

It is so clear now for me:

If you put freedom over the top of love then you open your wings and fly forward!

What would be your comment on the subject? Would you abandon your freedom, to get love?

Would you sacrifice love to gain back freedom? What is the magic recipe to combine them?

Lets’ chat on the subject.

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