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It is not the shapes in a painting that keep your eyes’s attention, actually is the empty space around them.

The importance of space around everything that forms my life is the one thing that kept my mind busy.

Recently I discovered a so-called modern technique in painting with watercolours (see link here).

In this technique each shape is isolated and does not interfere with other shapes.

So if you paint a leaf, you paint a bunch of shapes which if seen from a distance you get the feeling of a leaf but none of those is touching another
Painting with pencil initially, then filling in the shapes with color and in step three erasing the pencil you get an outcome like that.


Using free space in painting and in life
ant-eater in watercolour


Making those steps I could not stop thinking about the importance of empty space among all the things that compose our lives.

It is important for me to stay away for a while from my job, my family, my habits.

Even my passions need this break and usage of space! It is so important to let my mind think in different ways and do not keep the same patterns of thinking.

I can come back with better ideas or even find solutions in problems. The habit of doing the same things every single day never allowed me to see solutions.

There are many times I am making a painting and after enough hours of intense work on it, I believe the outcome looks really terrible. I feel that I want to destroy it and in no way load humanity with such an ugliness!
Then I go away and I keep a distance from it while hiding the painting.

When I come back to it a month or two later, everything is different:

Beauty and emotion I could not realize at first place are starting to appear.

It is the spare time between us that gave me the opportunity to meet with the work and appreciate it on a new basis.

Even in the forests they keep empty sectors in order to prevent the fire among trees! It is exactly the same.

If you give too much of your self in anything, you start to loose clarity and as a result you burn out!

Same in  painting. The outcome is better when you keep some distance among shapes…

ant eater in watercolour
ant-eater in watercolour in cooper details


When my work is not my whole life.

When my family’s ideas are not the only way to perceive reality.

When my passion does not takes away my logic.

When I am not only the logic part but live with passion as well…

You need ALL!

And you need some space among them.

Connecting the different parts of my life, but leaving enough space so they can move loosely.

And with this technique, I chose to paint this ant-eater that I saw the other day in the zoo.

He was upset and was moving up and down in his shelter. He wanted a break from the life in the zoo, it was obvious.
I identified myself in his continues walking up and down in his sector…

The least I could do was to paint his portrait! (And yes, he is cute!)

I keep thinking of the importance of free space like a place of silence in order to think, pray, meditate or dream ahead.

It should be prescribed ! And it should be treated like gold !

So I gave some gold details on my little ant-eater !

ant eater painting in loose shapes

You can free download the digital file here and print it as a reminder, for keeping your free space safe and sound always!

Love xxx





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