In this  page  you will find all my artwork for the WALK WITH ME PROJECT of Maria Karakostanoglou.

A project that teaches primary school students how to make learning easier through movement.

For all of you that will DONATE the minimum amount of 100€ (or more) for the crowd funding campaign of this project, you will receive FOR FREE one (or two) of these abstract original paintings.

All artworks were  created to support this cause and until the end of the crowdfunding campaign (April 8th)

     OWN AN ORIGINAL- UNIQUE  ABSTRACT ARTWORK IN 2 STEPS:                                 

1.Make the donation  here  through pay-pal platform.

2.Then Send me a message with the invoice ID of your payment on the form below. –Don ‘t forget to include in your message, your NAME, SURNAME, EMAIL-ADDRESS, AND POSTAL ADDRESS  that you wish to receive the Art work.

You will get a random artwork like those that I am listing here. Note that all are unique and made especially for this purpose and you will get a real one and not a print or copy of those.                                                                                                                      

Also the shipping is free-worldwide

Maria Karakostanoglou ‘s aim : 

” My aim is to help up to 15.000 primary school children in Peru and Chile from April to August 2018 to learn tools to   a) deal with stress b) improve their concentration and c) overcome reading and writing difficulties.”


Let’s help her succeed!

Individuals united have super powers! 


free painting for you if you donate for good purpose


Win an abstract original artwork if you donate to walk with me project
Echo 02 –Donate so you can own me



My Art for a good purpose
ECHO 03 Donate so you can own me


donate and win an abstract painting
ECHO 04 –Donate and own an abstract artwork



Every art work is made with acrylic paintings and some include oil pastels elements over craft brown paper. They are inspired for the support of this  project and almost all share the same pallet of colours. That is why I am naming this work as “Echoes” since they are repetitions of the same combinations of colours.Blue, Gold, emerald Green, Magenta, Orange and White.

The dimensions of each art work is about 50cm to 60cm  (20″ to 24″ inches).

You are getting only the Artwork and no frame.

Every Artwork will be send in secure cardboard packaging,signed and numbered from me.

and will include a personal message at the back of it. 

Do not leave any blank wall in your home!

Donate and receive an original Artwork!

Free shipping worldwide!

I have made some mock ups with my Artwork framed and decorated in a room –for those that will need an extra help in visualising! 
Own an abstract original painting for good purpose
Original paintings for a good purpose!                                                               (*The actual size of the Artwork is 50×60 cm)


Art for a good purpose
Own a piece of Art and take care of your empty walls!                                      (*The actual size of the Artwork is about 50×60 cm)


For donations go here 

For information about the Walk with me project go here 

Check out my latest blog post for details about my idea of making Art for this purpose.


my art for a good purpose
Donate and own an original abstract painting (*actual size of the painting is about 50cm x 60cm)