Mind your… free space ! leave usefull free space

  It is not the shapes in a painting that keep your eyes’s attention, actually is the empty space around them. The importance of space around everything that forms my life is the one thing that kept my mind busy. Recently I discovered a so-called modern technique in painting with watercolours (see link here). In this technique each shape is…

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A life – year – a mental experiment

one life year experiment

I am the most ordinary person on the planet. Sometimes ordinary people have liberating ideas that usually do not put them into action, but keep them in their tidy minds to have a joyful company. From a little girl, I had a huge interest in space, planets, stories about aliens, lost civilizations and astronomy for the masses.     When…

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Children, Wisdom and a poem I never forgot

    Early every morning, that I drive my car to my job, I use the same driving routine. Following exactly the same streets and make the turns and stops like a pre-made map.Each morning, same time, the same route, sometimes five minutes later, others earlier, but almost every day I get to meet the same people. I drive, they…

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